Olive You Italy

A month exploring the motherland of my ancestors will be an experience I will never forget. I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t enjoy a cappuccino, glass of vino or cup full of gelato all while taking in the stunning views. We started our journey in Rome, where the streets were full of tourist and gorgeous structures. Measuring some 620 by 513 feet, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheater in the Roman world. Awnings were unfurled from the top story in order to protect the audience from the hot Roman sun as they watched gladiatorial combats, hunts, wild animal fights and larger combats such as mock naval engagements (for which the arena was flooded with water.)  DSC_0265

After exploring Rome, we hopped on a train for Lucca, Tuscany where we would spend the next couple weeks. We took a road trip to Pisa one day, claimed the Leaning Tower of Pisa (boy does it lean ) and explored the Dumo and cathedral. The interior of the Cathedral is covered with black and white marble, with a gilded coffered ceiling, rich in frescoes. There is so much detail that one could spend a whole day exploring this work of art. DSC_0503My favorite part about our trip to Italy was exploring the Cinque Terre. Consisting of 5 colorful, century old villages in the hillsides along the Ligurian Sea. There’s not a Fiat or museum in sight — just sun, sea, sand (well, pebbles), wine, and pure, unadulterated Italy.DSC_0771DSC_0856

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