Im Moving to the Dominican!

In exactly one month I will be taking the solo trek to the Dominican Republic on a ONE WAY ticket!

I have always wanted to live abroad ever since I can remember. The thought of being surrounded by different cultures, new smells and a whole new way of living excite me. After visiting the town of Cabrera, on the northern coast of the Dominican, I had made the decision that this was the life for me. Did someone say, bikinis every day?!


Now don’t get me wrong, I know this will be no easy task. There will be a language barrier that will make it difficult to communicate right away but I have been practicing my espanol every day and have found some awesome apps to help along the way!

Duolingo Easy to begin learning a new language with quizzes that only take a few minutes to complete.  (con- if you fail a certain amount of times and run out of “hearts”, you then have to wait 24hrs until you can begin learning again).

Speak & TextI love this text for the mer fact that it can be used in the midst of a conversation. For example, I had met some locals but we were having a hard time communicating because I couldn’t speak Spanish and they couldn’t speak English. I pulled out my phone and opened the app. With the push of a button you can speak into your phone in your language and it will translate in the requested language. (con- It too, once used too much will tell you to upgrade for a certain price).

Coffee Break Spanish – Spotify Podcast – I LOVE THIS PODCAST! Start for the very first podcast and it will help you significantly. I love the way it is a teacher and student, as well as including you (the listener) as their student.

Let me know what learning apps or websites you have tried and recommend for someone learning Spanish or any new language.

Until next time, Chao!



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