Cabrera Nights

Oh those Cabrera nights…

Sunset is always my favorite time of the day. We say farewell to the ball of fire in the sky to embrace the night sky. The colors become soft, the flowers glow. The air slightly cools.

I was able to stay at this precious casita in Cabrera, Dominican Republic for my birthday where I sat on the back porch and enjoyed the sunset just about every night (with a glass of vino of course). Not only did the casita come with a beautiful red door entrance, inside were two very happy to see me “Missy” Dogs. DSCF1557DSCF1553DSCF1470

Missy 1 and Missy 2 were how I was introduced to them, and this is exactly how they greeted me immediately and every and any time I arrived back home after being away. (Side Note: The owner told me Missy 1 may “croak”, I was lost for words and terrified at the same time.) I would sit on the back porch and complete some of my marketing work for a company back in North Carolina, while every few minutes, looking up and enjoying the view.  It’s the little things in life… happy pups, a beautiful view and the sweet sounds of the Dominican Jungle. If you haven’t visited the Dominican Republic, be sure to add it to your bucket list. The culture and landscape have so much to offer. I look forward to returning this November myself.


Missy 1 is alive and loving life!


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