Waterfalls & Daredevils

Bike Through the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle. Down this little dirt road you will find a beautiful waterfall called El Saltadero (meaning “a place to leap from”) where you can find the local daredevils jumping from the 50+ foot tall waterfall into the tiniest pool of mineral water. I  would not risk it myself since the only real deep part of the river is right under the waterfall and it shallows out pretty quickly once you are away from the waterfall. (see the people standing below)


Making our way down the stairs (which I was told that before you had to scale down rocks to get to the pool of water), You truly gain a sense on of how high this waterfall truly is. When we reached the bottom, a local quickly approached us to show us the mineral mud that is found on the walls. We covered our faces with this mud and then let mother nature do the work. My skin felt like a baby’s bottom and thats no exaggeration. This was way better than any $100+ spa day could have done for my skin.

So when in Cabrera, or even just passing through, take the time to check out El Saltadero and enjoy all the benefits this beautiful creation by mother nature has to offer. Hasta luego! DSCF1722DSCF1717Mud Facials


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