Hidden Oasis – Flor Cafe

Flor Cafe, oh how I love you. This hidden oasis sits behind a wooden fence with a small building in the front that almost looks like a tiny barn. You easily could pass by without looking twice. At the very end of the property you will see a tall sign made out of multiple piece of wood reading at the very top “Cappuccino”. Being Italian, I love expresso and with that cappuccinos. We pulled over and decided to give it a try.

IMG_1449Boy what a find Flor Cafe was! Stepping through the gates, you realize not only is this a street side cafe, but it is also a nursery for beautiful vegetation. Then after speaking with the owner, we found out she is an American expat who has lived in the Dominican Republic for over 30 years and now owns this roadside oasis. She makes her own cheeses, yogurt and milk fresh from the cows across the street. We were recommended to try the house-made yogurt….IMG_1453


After that first bite full of fresh, creamy yogurt, shaved almonds, raisins, sweet pineapple and walnuts, I knew I would be back just about every day for more. (& I was)

One morning my mom, sister and I were enjoying our morning at Flor Cafe when all of the sudden a stampede of cows came running through the gates with the men chasing after them trying to herd them back to their pastor across the road. It was entertainment for our morning and luckily we were seated under the gazebo, slightly protected.  At least we got to see where the milk came from that was used to make our yogurt 😉 Instead of cows roaming the gardens, expect to see some kitties roaming the grounds. They are super sweet and typically will just lay on the chair next to you or are chasing lizards on the ground. If only this place had a hammock, I don’t think I’d ever leave.

IMG_1451If your travels bring you to the “Rio San Juan” or “Playa Grande” region, or if you’re on your way from the Puerto Plata/Cabarete area and on a day trip to Lago Dudu, make sure to stop here and drink from the well of serenity that awaits. It’s one not to be missed.   Flor Cafe Resident

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