Laguna El Dudu

Laguna El Dudu, doesn’t the name make you want to jump right in? When I was first told I NEED to check out Laguna El Dudu or Dudu Lagoon, I was a little hesitant due to the name of it, but was so happy I did. IMG_6402

There is very little signage for this place, except at the dirt road entrance where a sign sits that is very worn from the sun. After driving down the dirt road you come to a parking lot and a small building where you pay 50 RD pesos ( which is only $1.05 ) to get into the park. The main attraction of Dudu seemed to be the zip line that sits 20-30 feet above the water and if you landed the wrong way could make you hurt for days. Check out this guy below…

Not only is there a beautiful swimming hole with a zip line, but if you continue to explore the eco-attraction’s grounds, you will find caves, more swimming holes, hammocks to rest on & even an ostrich! Spend a few hours or even the whole day, Dudu Lagoon is one not to miss while exploring the DR!


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