Horsin Around

When people think about the Dominican Republic, many people think of gorgeous beaches, golf courses, water sports, fishing and eco-tourism. However, most people are unaware of the many different equestrian lifestyles in the Dominican Republic.. Little do people know of the abundance of equestrian communities that cover the beach side as well as in the mountain tops.

We opted for the mountain adventure on horseback knowing we would have views that we wouldn’t see from just riding along the beach. IMG_6088

We began by riding through a small trail through the jungle only accessible by horse, foot or ATV. After that you begin up hill through a tiny barrio (neighborhood), we passed donkeys, great danes (my favorite dog, so I freaked out) and drank some of the coldest beers. Through the neighborhood, we then began to trot up a trail through a farm passing cattle and pigs.


This is an adventure you won’t be disappointed about. And the next day you’ll realize how out of shape you are after squeezing your thigh muscles constantly. After a quick dip in the caribbean sea you’ll be feeling brand new! Check out Playa Preciosa when you can.


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