Counting the Days

A week and a half until it’s Bon Voyage! 

It seems like it was literally yesterday when I decided to book my one way ticket to the beautiful country of Republica Dominicana. Friends and family constantly ask, “why the Dominican?” 
It’s simple…

The landscape, the people & the foods. While there are more Dominicans living in New York City than the DR itself, the Island has so much to offer to anyone open to a new way of living. Beautiful beachs, vast country sides, jungles that make you feel alive and so much more. The people are always celebrating life, even when they have very little. And food that is fresh from the ocean and mountain side farms. 

I can’t wait to fully immerse myself into this new culture. Learn from the people, the land and in the end grow personally from the experience. There will be hardships and tough situations but I know with my will and the positive vibes I will thrive in this new setting. 

Hasta Luego Republica Dominicana! 

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