Learning the Language

Learning a new language can be difficult and even more so if you aren’t fully immersed in it. After deciding I was going to move to the Dominican I knew I had to begin learning the language as soon as I could. I looked into a tutor, rosetta stone and other services that  were going to be costly but decided to find a cheaper route, or in my case a FREE one. I discovered Duolingo and am so happy I did! It’s an easy to use app (or can be used via desktop) that begins with teaching basic words all the way to full conversations. You can’t move onto the next level until you pass the one prior and makes you consistently practice every day or you go back a level.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.19.47 PM

Another app that I love to use is Speak & Translate . This comes into use when I’m not quite sure how to say something in Spanish or for someone to speak to me when they don’t know English. You first pick your language and then set the language you want your words & phrases translated into. Next you simply speak or type what you want and the app will translate it for you to read, while also saying aloud for you to hear. This came in handy many times while out exploring small pueblos trying to order lunch or a cold drink. (Presidente of course).

Lunch with Locals

Ordering the freshest fish for lunch from a couple who didn’t speak any English

There are many different language tools to utilize when it comes to learning a new language. Another example that I enjoy while driving is Coffee Break Spanish . With this there is an instructor teaching and a student who is learning “along side you”. I like how it begins with the basics and continuously flows into full conversations while also providing lots of repetition.  I hope this gives you an idea of where to begin when wanting to learn a new language and remember there is no better time to start learning something new than now.

Hasta la proxima vez!

Roadside beer

Ordering a beer from a small store where the owner didn’t speak English

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