Gonna Learn Today

Wow. A whole week (and some) has passed since I made it to this quaint little town, Cabrera. It was no dull adventure getting here, that’s for sure. If you read my last post, you would know what day one and day two consisted of as I made the trip solo. (If you haven’t read it–> The Layover )

My first full day here brought me to this gorgeous villa in Orchid Bay, where I jumped right into an assistant job for my Dominican Mama, who is the villa’s manager/event planner/super woman. They host weddings, business retreats, family reunions and more. A 10 bedroom beauty that will have your jaw dropping while pulling into the driveway.


After deciding to rent a car from a friend, I made the drive back to the airport in Santo Domingo to return the rental car I refused to keep due to the ridiculous price. On the two hour drive back, I was about 20 minutes from the airport when all the sudden two federales walked into the middle of the road waving me down to stop. I pulled over and immediately was asked to see my drivers license while the other one began writing down my plate number to give me a ticket. They didn’t speak any english, so I played dumb. I told them I was flying home and didn’t understand why I was getting a ticket, they stated I was driving too fast. Meanwhile, two cars passed me going at least 120kph with the speed limit at 80kph. We spoke back and forth for a few minutes and finally, after having no clue what I was saying, one of the guys said, “escribe telefono, no ticket” …..you bet your bottom dollar I did! And off I went.

If there’s one thing I am learning, it’s how to quickly adapt to my new surroundings. My biggest goal right now is to be able to speak Spanish fluently, and there is no better way to do so than immerse yourself into it. Moving to a tropical island sounds like fun, it also is a lot of work. The ocean’s salt air eats things up with the quickness, the non existing traffic laws make the roads chaotic, food and alcohol prices on imported goods are out the wazoo, but the people here, the sense of community, working together to overcome the hard times and celebrate the good, make this place so worth living.






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