All in a Day’s Adventure

The morning started like every morning, a hot cup of coffee on the back deck enjoying the soft light from the sun rising over the ocean. Followed by struggling to get the wifi to work for a marketing call I had with a client at 9 am.

After a quick call it was time for a road trip. My girl friend & I picked up a buddy and headed for Sosua. Cruising along when all the sudden a moto passes by waving a red towel and then soon after the car in front of us starts hitting their breaks. One, Two, Five until then 40 to 50+ Bulls fill the road bringing us to a holt. It was a traffic jam I won’t forget. 

After the delay we stopped in a small small town, just before Gasper Hernandez called Espaillat. I have always been attracted to beautiful colors & love all the painted houses and shops you constantly see. I loved the colors this little Barber Shop & its neighbor used. While waiting in the car for my two friends to run into the calmed, I caught eye of a young man walking around with a rooster that had a string tied to it’s leg. As he walked into a Pescadera letting one man hold and view the rooster, he quickly then walked across the street to let another guy hold check out the same rooster. After grabbing a few Presidents we hit the road for Sosua once again.


We arrived to Playa Sosua (Sosua Beach) to find a gorgeous cove with colorful umbrellas, cliff sides lined with hotels and homes and the constant restaurant employee asking you to eat at their place. There was this awesome allege in the water that reminded me of the Grinch and wasn’t smily, but rough and felt like wet fur or hair. After a walk down the beach we decided to stop at one of the restaurants at the beach for a drink and an appetizer.

The adventure continued with grocery shopping (since we don’t have a big one in Cabrera) and a bite to eat at Gorditos in Cabarete. Hour later and we were back home in Cabrera to enjoy the cool breeze. Until the next adventure


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