The Year of the Dog

2018, the Year of the Dog!

After moving to the Dominican, I knew I wanted to adopt a dog here. There are so many adorable, homeless & hungry pups roaming the beaches & streets. I knew that waiting until after my trip to NYC and after our last group of the year at Flor de Cabrera  left would be best. Not until the week before New Year’s Eve did I research what animal 2018 represented, and by golly it’s the year of the dog, I was delighted to see (& took it as a sign) that I would be bringing a puppy into my life this year. Little did I know it would be just moments before the clock struck midnight that I would meet my fur-ever mate.

After a night of live music & fireworks it was finally time to head home & me still not having my own car, caught a ride with friend & #BOSSLady, Wilvia. I decided to enjoy one last drink of the year at her place and just crash there for the night.

We pulled up to her neighborhood and next to the guard gate, I see two giant ears with a tiny body attached to it standing on the wall staring at us as we drove in. I immediately jumped out of the car and as soon as I did the pup came running down the wall, hopped off and ran up to me & soon after plopped over on her back for a belly rub.

Taz kept trying to squeeze her body between the fence and cement column. Rope didn’t help much either

From that moment, I knew this pup had claimed me as hers. I asked the guard if she had an owner & he told me someone had thrown her out of their car passing by. I scooped her up & took her home. She immediately began spinning in circles, chasing her tail then plopping over for a belly rub. This is when I decided to name her Taz (like the Tasmanian Devil).

One minute she is running around the yard & house in circles, the next moment she is curled up next to you happy as can be. She’s crazy but I love her and am so grateful for all the joy she has already brought into my life in only 11 days.

I look forward to more adventure with my pal Taz!

For all you doggie parents out there…

  • How do you get a puppy thats a picky eater to eat dog food?
  • Best dog toys & treats?
  • Any training Advise?

 Would love to hear any funny stories of your pooch or tips & tricks about training your pup!

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