What would your dream vacation look like?

Hello Friends!!

So the other day some friends and I were having this conversation about the status quo American. You make your way through grade school, then onto college, after college you find your 9 to 5 career, get married & so on. Why does life have to be all about work? Where is the living?

It is easier said than done to leave a corporate America job in pursuit of a dream. But boy, when you finally decide to go with the flow, so many opportunities come knocking on your door. Why not make your dream vacation your every day living?

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The other day I turned 29 & there was no better way to celebrate it than by relaxing at one of my favorite beaches with friends. It’s my last year in my twenties and I have a lifetime of adventure ahead. As I end another trip around the sun & begin a new one I stopped to reflect on where I came from and my journey that brought me here. 

I knew growing up that there were adventures in store for me but there was no way of knowing what exactly they would consist of. 


Now that I have been living this island life for almost 6 months, I have had a lot of people ask me how I am able to live a life like this. Lets be real, it aint always sunshine and bikinis. It takes a lot of hard work and self dedication to do what I’m doing. But I am building a life that I WANT & something I know I will be grateful I did. I continue to work towards goals and learn every day from the peers around me. 

Up in the clouds of Puerto PlatoPina delivery to Cayo IslandAdventure BuddyLife is goodSea TreasuresFresh CoconutTaz the Sea Dog

Sancocho Stew in the CamposWhere my Seahawks at!? (He didn't go there)Mmmmmm BaconVilla Costa Norte Views

My passion is photography. I constantly am drawn to taking a picture, I see certain angles and am able to picture it printed. While working at a private villa, Flor de Cabrera, I have been able to practice photography with shooting weddings & the day to day of guest. From following my passion, I’ve booked family photos, marketing campaigns, anniversary parties & with hopes my first wedding in the near future.

Don’t let fear stop you. There is always home you can return to. Try something new and see what opportunities it opens for you!

Jarabacoa Adventures

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost ❤

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